Wood Fence Styles You Should Consider

Residential Wood Privacy Fence in Danbury, Connecticut 2It is no secret that wood fences create a traditional and elegant look to your home. It is perfect for older Colonial homes, and even modern new-builds. However, many are unfamiliar with the different style options available in wood material. These choices can change the way your home looks, regardless of its age and style.

The following are some of your wood fence options. Keep in mind that you can custom design your fence with any of these styles.

Picket Fence

We spoke a few blog articles ago about how to install a picket fence. We did not, however, speak about the benefits of having this very popular type of fence. Aside from the charming and sophisticated look it gives your home, it is also very functional, in that it will keep your pets in your yard.

Privacy Fence

We have also spoke recently about installing a privacy fence to block any views of people and objects, so you can relax and enjoy your yard. Another benefit of having this type of fence is it reduces the noise level. You are also able to adjust the height so that it works for your purposes.

Frame Fence

This type of fence adds a significant amount of privacy, and can be custom designed with the different style options out there. The general concept, however, is multiple boards laid side-by-side. This design allows the boards to expand and contract, which benefits the integrity of the structure.

Lattice Fence

Whether you incorporate this type of fence partially or entirely, it can bring additional privacy and beauty. Add it to the top of your fence, or build your fence completely out of lattice. You can also plant vines by the fence so they can grow up the latticework to create an English garden look.

Key Takeaways

With these wood fence options, you can achieve the following:
• Privacy and functionality
• Beauty and elegance
• A custom design through wood layout and materials

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