The Latest Trends in Custom Tree Houses

Tree-HouseOne of the fastest growing trends in architecture and even real estate is custom built, adult-sized tree houses.

People are finding a way to create a home away from home in their backyard.

For a long time tree houses were only thought of as a play dwelling for children, but adults are now beginning to see the appeal of living in the sky.

Tree Houses Hold a New Meaning

For decades families have placed tree houses in their backyards for their children’s enjoyment.  Lately, however, tree houses have been showing up in different forms like spas, hotels, and resorts.

Instead of taking a weekend vacation such as camping, people are able to get the comfort of their home in a “tree house resort.”

Giving you the opportunity to live in nature without actually leaving your own home or sleeping in a tent.

Tree Houses are no Longer Just for Kids

Until recently, tree houses were a playground for children. Now adults have begun to see tree houses as a place to escape everyday life and relax.

A custom built tree house can function as a private resort in your own backyard.  Rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive hotels or getaways, a custom built tree house gives you the option of walking out your back door to escape to your own personal oasis in the trees.

Custom Design

With a skillful and knowledgeable team to design it; a safe, luxurious, and beautiful tree house could be a possibility for you.

These tree houses can be designed for children, teens, or adults.  They can be made as grand or as humble as you desire.

Custom tree houses can function as a playroom for your kids— a quirky guest bedroom for adventurous guests, or your secret getaway when you need a place to relax away from the chores and jobs of the real world.

Architects typically jump at the opportunity to design a tree house as it is a challenge and a way to feel like a kid again.

Closer to Nature

There is something about being in a house that’s hovering above the ground that feels magical, no matter what your age.

Custom tree houses bring you closer to nature than land houses because your house is being supported (mostly) completely by the tree itself.  The tree has your life in its limbs.  Because of this, you will inevitably feel closer to nature — on top of literally being closer to nature.

Whether you’re looking for a nice gift for your kid(s) or a small vacation home in the trees for yourself, a custom tree house could be the way for you to go.  Custom tree houses are beautiful, functional, and long lasting.

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