English Style Fence


The strikingly attractive Southampton fence is ideal for creating a brighter garden as it allows light through the horizontal pickets. This produces bands of light and shade to create a dramatic effect while allowing the air to circulate freely throughout your garden.


A fresh approach to garden fencing, the Birmingham is a variation on a semiprivate garden fence. Alternate pickets are cut at an angle to create a pleasing decorative effect. This style is ideal for creating light and airy gardens as they allow sunlight through the design and the air to circulate around your garden area.


The Chelsea is seeing a rebirth in popularity in English gardens lately, and it is no wonder as it offers timeless appeal. This style has the added benefit of being virtually identical on both sides, making it an ideal boundary fence.

English Country Gate

These beautifully design gates are staple throughout the English countryside. Crafted out of cedar wood they are ideal for driveway entrances, walkways or an agricultural setting.
Riverside Fence

Riverside Fence

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