Deer Fence

Steel Web

Our strongest and most invisible deer fence. Steel wire coated in black PVC. The hexagon shape cells absorbs the force place against it creating a remarkable gelatin effect. 

Available Height: 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’3”

Woven Wire

High-tensile wire is made with higher carbon steel. The carbon content of this product is approximately 0.28%. This increased carbon content significantly increases the wire’s strength and reduces elongation. This allows you to use a smaller diameter high tensile wire to replace a thicker low carbon wire. High tensile wire can be installed using fewer posts than low carbon fence. 

Available heights: 6’, 8’

Welded Wire

One of our most cost effective styles, this sturdy 1″ x 1″ wire can work with steel or wood posts. It is ideal for areas where you want a fence to be less visible.

Available heights: 4’, 6’

Riverside Fence

Riverside Fence

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