Fairfield County Tree Houses


Last month, we completed our most recent custom tree house project in Greenwich, CT. This tree house, built for the client’s two young children, incorporated various play features with our standard high level of custom woodworking and finish detail. The first phase of the project was erecting a 180 sq. ft. deck platform 7′ off the ground, wrapped around a tree.

The Custom Tree House Project

For framework and support, we used all pressure-treated lumber for maximum stability and life. After laying down the cedar decking, we began construction of the 8’x9′ cabin, which when completed had a fully finished cedar interior including two bunk beds, screened windows, and a custom tongue and groove door. For access to the tree house, we built a staircase with manila rope handrails, although the more adventurous child can gain access by way of a climbing wall on the back side of the deck! For getting down, there’s also a slide! The finishing touch was building the rail system and cladding the entire house and frame in cedar half-round rails that lend a rustic yet refined log cabin-esque look to the build.

On the ground level, our customer had us incorporate such features as a swing set, hammock, and bench swing, to ensure that the parents have plenty of fun places to hang out while the kids play upstairs! See the Facebook feed below of our progress.

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