Four Reasons to Get a Pergola for Your Home


Pergolas can give your Connecticut-area home a pleasing aesthetic appearance. There are several reasons to erect a new pergola. Before you decide be sure to discuss your plans with a reputable builder of pergolas in the Connecticut area.

1. Pergolas provide an entertainment area

When you install a pergola at your Connecticut-area home you have a shaded, beautiful area in which to hold family get-togethers, parties, business meetings, or neighborhood conversations. Cover your pergola with a climbing plant or add a full or partial roof canopy and it shields you from the hot summer sun.

2. Pergolas increase your home’s market value.

Realtors will tell you that adding a landscape feature like a pergola can increase the value of your home by up to five per cent. Why not increase the curb appeal of your home and add this delightful relaxation area? A pergola will make your home a stand-out in your neighborhood.

3. Start a successful garden area.

If you have always wanted a garden but felt your yard was just too small, a pergola offers a neat opportunity to exercise your green thumb. Climbing vines like honeysuckle and trumpet vine attract bees and butterflies and hummingbirds. You can enjoy the wildlife up close. Garden plants like tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, beans, peas and others can be purchases in vine varieties and trained to climb the walls of your pergola. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor and aid in pollination of surrounding plants.

4. Increase your privacy.

Tired of feeling as if your neighbors are part of your backyard recreation area? A pergola can add privacy without obstructing your view. Covered with climbing plants, a pergola is shady and offers privacy from prying eyes. You can add a canvas canopy to protect from the sun’s rays. You can even add a misting system to keep your pergola comfortable in hot, dry weather.

There are many great reasons to consider adding a pergola to your property. Before you make decisions about style, size, and materials for your pergola, talk to a reputable builder who specializes in these structures in the Connecticut area.


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