Arbors And Trellises: The Right Style For Your Connecticut Yard

To arbor or to trellis – that is the question that many homeowners seeking to add a bit of class to their yard’s face. Choosing the right option for your Connecticut yard means that you should understand how arbors and trellises can affect the overall aesthetic of your home. Both options add beauty to your home by training flowering vines and creating attractive garden accents. Once you decide on the style for your needs, you can contact fencing companies in CT for help with selecting and installing the right arbors and trellises for your yard.

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Arbors provide excellent shading for hot summer days and even provide a small amount of protection from sudden rain. Usually, arbors are made out of metal or wood and provide an archway that vines can grow across, creating an effective doorway or inlet to your garden. Building your own arbor doesn’t take much effort and can usually be completed in a weekend by getting the right materials from fencing companies in CT. Choose an arbor if you want to have a practical, cool seating area in addition to a place for your vines to grow. Arbors can also be constructed to help protect more delicate plants from extended sunlight.


Trellises don’t provide a seating area and are best when you just want vines to grow vertically up the side of a house or to provide privacy between a yard, swimming pool or meeting area. They are superior options for privacy since there is no walkway and you can place a trellis very quickly without the need for complicated setups or designs. Trellises can be made of wood or metal and provide an excellent option for displaying and controlling invasive fast-growing vines. Trellises can also be used to fence in an area for increased isolation.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Arbors provide shade and often include benches and seating areas. They are perfect for individuals that want a shaded area to relax.

  • Trellisses serve a decorative purpose only and may not be suitable for those that want a “living” bench or seating area.

  • Choose a trellis for privacy, or an arbor for a pleasant sitting area. Or, choose both and create an effectively closed off private garden.

Need Help?

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