Why a Picket Fence isn’t Always the Right Fence for Your Home

residential wood flatboard picket stamford ctThe cliché dream for most new homeowners is to get a white picket fence around their house, making the ideal home. When that dream became a trend, there weren’t many options when people were choosing a fence. These days, the possibilities are far greater and more stylish.

There are many benefits to installing a fence on your property, and many things to consider.

Why Construct a Fence?

Safety, appearance, and privacy are among the main reasons why people decided to put up a fence. They can keep intruders out, pets and loved ones protected within, and can polish the look of your property. For decades, people have opted for the picket fence, but theremare many other suitable options these days.

Why a Picket Fence May Not be Right for You

Though picket fences are classic and seemingly timeless, they might not always be the right choice.

Wooden picket fences require upkeep and repainting and have a shorter lifespan than those made of iron, aluminum, or vinyl.

Picket fences also do not provide as much security as privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, bamboo fences, and a slew of other new styles and materials. If you are trying to keep intruders or animals out of your yard and keep your family safe within, picket fences may not be ideal.

Benefits of Building the Right Fence

Houses and properties in general can benefit a great deal from the addition of a fence.

By building the right fence for you, your family and your property, not only will it provide you with a sense of security, knowing there is a barrier between the outside world and your house.

When finding the right fence for your yard, it’s key to look at the style of your home. Depending on your location or need one style might provide more benefits than another. Cannot forget to mention that home values tend to increase with the addition of a fence.

Alternatives to a Picket Fence

These days, there are seemingly limitless options when it comes to fences.

Some alternatives include:

  • Privacy/semi-privacy
  • Post and rail
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought iron
  • Deer fence
  • Cable-rail
  • English Garden

Each has its benefits and detriments, though the garden gates are simply a matter of taste, each is effective in its own right.

With all of these fencing options, there’s no need to limit yourself to the simple picket fence.

With the right company, you can have a beautiful and elegant fence designed specifically for your property. Making your home a little more private and attractive.


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