Reasons for Getting a Pool Fence

Riverside-Fence-BabyLoc-Pool-FencingWhen the hot weather starts to come out, it’s always exciting to think about opening the pool to cool down during the summer.

Thousands of people install pools for the fun, relaxation, and the enjoyment that comes along with owning one.  However, sometimes pool owners don’t always think about the less exciting yet extremely important part of owning a pool; installing a fence.

Why Install a Pool Fence?

While it might not be treated as a top priority, a pool fence is important for various reasons.  Some of these reasons include:

  • Abide by the Law: It is illegal in the state of Connecticut to have a pool or hot tub without a pool code compliant fence.  Be sure to check with your local building department for specific codes in your town.
  • Safety: Safety is a major component to having fencing around your pool.  A fence can stop a child from wandering into the pool, as well as keep pets and other stray animals from going in as well.
  • Yard Appeal: As long as you choose a fence that is within the guidelines, you can have any style or color fence that best accents your property.  From PVC vinyl, to iron fencing or privacy fencing; you have a broad range of choices to make your yard look great.

Where to Start

Before choosing any fence, make sure that it can be made to fit the guidelines in your state.  From there, you can see your various options for safety and appeal.  A professional fencing company will be skilled and knowledgeable in these areas and can provide your best options and make suggestions for your property.  In addition, hiring a fencing company to do the installation will ensure that the job is done correctly to prevent any problems in the future.

If you have any questions about installing a fence around your pool, or would like to get started with the process, give us a call at Riverside Fence.  As experts in pool fences and installation, we are happy to help you choose the proper fence for your yard.

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