Fencing 101: Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Cable Rail

It can be challenging to choose the right fence style for your yard or business.

Currently, there are dozens of fence styles to choose from, with even more customizable features. One style you might want to choose is the cable rail.

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting one.

What is Cable Rail?

Among the many styles of fence available for residential or commercial use, cable rail is one of the most popular.  Cable rail generally consists of end posts, corner posts and mid posts with tension cables running through out.

The posts must be made out of a very strong material to withstand the tension from the cables and be able to handle weather damage.  Sometimes top and bottom rails are placed between the posts to ensure stability.  Depending on the use or where you’re placing the fence, any number of tension cables can be used.

Why Choose Cable Rail Over Other Types of Fence?

Three of the most popular reasons why many people decided to install a cable rail is because they are attractive, durable and affordable.

Even though this style of fence does not provide a great deal of privacy, it does give you the same amount of protection a regular fence does, without blocking the view that’s on the other side of the fence.

The presence of this fence still provides safety in discouraging intruders, and protecting pets and children from roaming out of sight. This style of fence is consistently used on decks and balconies so homeowners do not lose their view.

This style of fence is elegant and attractive, adding class to any property. Many installations are done on waterfront properties to keep high visibility of the water.

Is it as Secure as Other Styles?

Though it is not as bold or space consuming as other fences, cable rail is as secure as any other style of fence.  You might be thinking, “How can two or three tension rods keep my pets or children safe?” That is all dependent on the distance between each cable. As long as the cables are spaced close enough together, it will keep pets and children from leaving the yard or falling off a deck or balcony.

A cable rail fence is great for enhancing the appearance of your home without stealing the show.

Cable rail fencing gives a modern appearance to existing homes or a sparkling, natural look suitable to contemporary homes. It also works well indoors and outdoors.


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