Adding Appeal to Your Yard with Stonewall Fence Toppers

When installing a fence, it is best to choose a design that will not only provide the needed function, but add style and appeal as well.    Many people don’t know that a unique possibility already lies within their yards.  By adding a simple addition to their stone walls, it can create an extra level of appeal to their property as well as added benefits.

Benefits of Installing a Stonewall Topper

In order to enhance the look and function of your stone wall, a fence topper is an excellent option.  A stonewall fence topper is a modified version of a typical fence that is secured on top of your existing wall.  One function is to clean up an otherwise disheveled looking stone wall.  A structured fence can provide a polished look to your whole property, and the extra height on a typically low stone wall can create a barrier to block out animals from crossing into your property and add privacy in your yard.

Achieving the Proper Look

Many people strive to capture the New England look with the design of their home, and a stone wall topper is a great option for achieving this quaint feeling.  Because any type of fencing material or style can be used on your wall, the extent to which your wall models the traditional look or something more contemporary is unique to you.

If you would like to learn more about designing or installing a stonewall fence topper in your yard, we are happy to offer our assistance.  At Riverside Fence we will gladly work with you to create the ideal fence for the New England look you desire.


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