3 Reasons to Install a Privacy Fence on Your Property

privacy-fenceAs their name indicates, privacy fences are used to provide privacy and a number of other related benefits to the property owner. Although most commonly associated with homeowners, privacy fences are also often used to surround commercial properties. Such fences can be built using a vast multitude of designs and materials, ranging from the classic wooden fence to brick walls and even towering hedges. Fence companies in CT are the businesses best prepared to advise property owners on the right kind of privacy fence with which to mark the outline of their properties.

Here are three important reasons for property owners to have a privacy fence installed:

Noise Reduction

Although no fence is capable of creating a perfect, undisturbed outdoors setting, having a privacy fence in place reduces the noise pollution coming from outside the property. Eliminating noise pollution is important because excessive noise leads to mounting stress, rising blood pressure, and even sleep deprivation over periods of prolonged exposure. As a result, having privacy fences installed should be prioritized in areas that experience high levels of traffic and other sources of disturbance.


Using privacy fences can help property owners become better neighbors. Fences are an excellent way to mark a property’s exact perimeter, which helps to distinguish the respective responsibilities of neighboring property owners. Furthermore, having a fence helps to keep out the neighbor’s pets and children, which is particularly important if the property owner has a swimming pool. As an additional benefit, privacy fences can also serve their primary purpose by ensuring that neighbors cannot easily see what a property owner is doing.

Pest Deterrence

Privacy fences of the right design, material, and height can play an important role in deterring pests such as foxes, deer, and raccoons. Larger animals are unable to get past fences built using durable materials while smaller animals are unable to sneak past so long as the fences are inspected and kept well maintained to prevent gaps from appearing. Overall, privacy fences provide a hassle-free method of deterring pest animals that cause them no damage.

Key Takeaways

* Privacy fences reduce noise pollution.

* Fenced properties help property owners become better neighbors.

* Most pest animals are unable to get past privacy fences.

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