Deer Fence in New Canaan, CT

This residential fence project was installed in New Canaan, CT using a Steel Web Deer fence. The black Steel Web fence was installed to maximize deer protection and as part of pool code compliant fencing while maintaining the beauty of the surroundings.

The customer chose the Steel Web deer fence for its durability and how seamlessly it blends into its surroundings.

This New Canaan deer fence is metal coated with black polyethylene. The unique 1″ hexagon cell design is the strongest shape known. When the fence sustains impact, a remarkable “gelatin effect” occurs in which the individual hexagon cell stretches to absorb the force created. This fencing is unobtrusive and offers a low maintenance and highly effective means of keeping deer off of your property. The result is a beautiful custom residential deer fence that will serve this homeowner well for years to come.

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