Woven Wire

Recently developed in New Zealand, this high-tensile fencing system uses smooth 12-1/2 gauge wire with a yield strength of 200,000 pounds per square inch, or a strength of 1,600 pounds for each wire. Conventional fencing wire normally has a yield strength of less than 60,000 pounds per square inch. Fixed knot fences utilize solid vertical stay wires, which increase the vertical strength of the fence and allow for increased post spacing. Our fixed knot is a separate piece of wire tightly wrapped around the line wire and stay wire providing maximum strength and locking both the horizontal and vertical wires in place.

High-tensile wire is made with higher carbon steel. The carbon content of this product is approximately 0.28%. This increased carbon content significantly increases the wire’s strength and reduces elongation. This allows you to use a smaller diameter high tensile wire to replace a thicker low carbon wire. High tensile wire can be installed using fewer posts than low carbon fence.

Woven wire is available in variety of heights and configurations with our most popular height being 8′ with gradient vertical spacing from top to bottom 8″, 7″, 6″, 5″, 4″, 3″.

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